Today I am taking Jenn Alberts Photography to a whole new level and launching Jenn Alberts Productions. This new site encompasses my true work loves and passions.  Nineteen years in the business of photography and retouching and I’ve found my happy place of all things I love to do.

People often ask how long I’ve been a photographer…. over 25 years. I took my first photography class in 7th grade and I’ve known since then that this was my way. I acquired my AA from Spokane Falls and then BA of photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. I’ve worked numerous jobs in awesome photography studios and digital studios. Opening my first solo business in Seattle, WA in 2004 then returning to it in Spokane, WA several years later.

I absolutely love photography in all aspects, but it’s not all I want to do.  Retouching and creating on the computer are an equal love of mine. I love the digital aspect of photography but I found when it was my sole job that I really missed photography. Being able to have a business that does both is incredible for me. Finally we come to the styling bit! Many people aren’t clear on what this job is, but that’s more info for another post. I can tell you that when I was a food/commercial photographer in Seattle that I really missed the creative side of art direction and styling. I love stepping in and collaborating with people like Ryan Rowe (check out his work) and being able to control the creative elements while he works the camera and lights!

So there you have it, the new site with all my hard work poured into it (yes, I created the website on my own!). I’m so excited and buzzing with new ideas to fill this site with!