Check out this hot steamy project:

This image was shot in the photo studio with a fantastic yoga instructor from Beyoutiful Hot Yoga in Spokane, WA.  I wanted to really represent the feeling of the hot room at the yoga studio. By photographing the model slightly underexposed and lighting from the sides and back I was able to bring the rest of my vision to completion in Photoshop. I added steam all around her with a slight glow emitting from her body. The lightly visible beautiful lotus flowers brings a feeling and emotion to this silhouette.

Yoga Instructor doing dancer pose

This second shot I wanted to really let the viewer feel the energy and movement from this dancer pose (“Natarajasana”). The model was shot in a similar lighting situation as the first image in the photo studio and then I accentuated the powerful energy in Photoshop with these pieces and fog that are pushing out to the right side. I love how these two creative worlds of photography and digital imaging come together for me to create a vision I have in my mind!